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Confessions of

an almost-girlfriend



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“...Louise’s beautifully woven story—its raw dialogue, real, unpretentious characters and heart-wrenching evoking of emotions—cut me to the core.... This is a fascinating, mind-blowing emotional rollercoaster of a book.”

—21st Century

Once Upon a Time

“This series is a must-read for high schoolers. It teaches you the power of believing in yourself, in knowing that there is no one else you would wanna be, except yourself.”

—Insomnia of Books

“On the surface, Confessions has all the elements any teen series would have: cheerleaders, best friend problems, hook ups, break ups, crushes, bullying, mean girls and partying. What makes this series so much more intense is the layers with which various social issues that involve teens are explored, from identity to tolerance.... I cannot wait to read the next novel for more of this wholesome, emotional, honest and REAL series that I wish was written and published when I was still in high school.”

—On Books

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend by Louise Rozett was a superb follow-up. I hope there’s a book three in the works. I think I could read at least 10 of them.”

—Pure Imagination

“I liked this even more than the first book: the story only gets stronger and the adolescent stakes higher.... This is YA fiction at its best.”

—Giraffe Days

“Rose is just like so many girls out there that hold themselves up to unrealistic expectations, and fail to realize their true strengths.... Despite this near crippling set of feelings about herself, Rose still puts herself out there. She tries new things, she gets a little sassy sometimes, and she keeps her moral compass firmly pointing North. She has self-respect, even if she doesn't have self-worth, which I think is quite an interesting thing.”

—Reading Lark

“This wonderful coming of age sequel is still about external relationships—between family, friends and loves—but it’s also about the relationship we have with ourselves and developing a healthy sense of self-esteem.”

—YA’s the Word

“Another thing that I absolutely loved about this book was the fact that unlike several stories about teenage girls, slut shaming and sexual inequality were broached in this which I appreciated a lot. I read a lot of books about young girls that either make out that they have no self respect because they want to have sex or that they’re ridiculous because they don’t. Where as boys, they can do what they want. I kinda hate that.”

—Emerged Words

Sometimes Rose does the right thing and speaks up when she should, and sometimes she doesn’t. Rozett calls attention to the fact that 1) this is something most teens deal with daily and 2) this is something adults don’t always know how to handle well, or at all. This book is a fabulous conversation starter for teens and anyone who loves and/or interacts with teens.